Aug 26, 2014



Casualties continue on Tuesday as well...

Baby Pink

Simple casual outfits with a contrasting detail - you probably have already noticed that's my thing. 
It's not about the impression you leave in everyone you walk by, it's about the importance of feeling good, comfortable and confident in your clothes, with your style - because your wouldn't believe how much of your personality style reveals. 

Aug 22, 2014


The secret to all those colours I wear - I simply love the impression bright colours leave, they can be a great accent to every "boring" at first sight outfit, making a great summerish look.

Aug 19, 2014

Ripped & Yellow

Can you imagine a better way to describe me? 
My favourite outfits lately:   
ripped jeans, my yellow handbag and comfort - 
because this is the way I feel best in my skin.  

Aug 15, 2014

Casual Everyday

  We don't need much for a casual week day in the city, especially during the summer. There comes a point when nobody cares how you look like, or at least - there comes the point when you don't care about their opinion anymore. The only thing that matters is that you are being yourself and you're feeling great in your skin. So my advise to you all is just be yourselves and enjoy that freedom!

Hey, you! /or my first blog post/


Hello, guys!
During the last months many people have asked me why I hadn't started a personal fashion blog yet, all convinced it would be a huge success. There were many reasons for not doing it - the biggest problem of all was of course the lack of free time to post regularly. However, when a day ago I found out that one of my LOOKBOOK posts has been used for an article written on style, you can surely imagine my excitement - I was so happy that I eventually decided to listen attentively to my friends' advice and start my own blog. So here I am.
You can check out this piece HERE.