Sep 23, 2014

Black is a colour too

 Unlike your expectations, there are actually days when I choose to skip the colourful detail in my outfit, sometimes I decide to keep to the basics with black, which is always in trend. This time I keep it even simpler but comfortable as usual.

Sep 22, 2014

Très Jolie

Light coloured blazer connected to a casual weekend outfit - a mix of style and comfort. Accessories are always a necessity as an accent on the personality and the character of the individual. 

Sep 19, 2014

Go Green

Comfortable, light, casual, urban, chic, green.

Hello, Stuttgart, Hello, Autumn!

  Is yellow an autumn colour?
Bright colours are not just a summer thing, they are a performance of character and mood which can apply to every season. So happy Autumn - let's start it with a positive attitude and colourful clothing.

Sep 6, 2014

Goodbye Kiss


It may sound cliche, but every end is a new beginning. Summer's gone, but autumn's here for good. A change is always a good thing - a change in weather, a change in clothes, a change in priorities of oneself, a change in life. For someone out there a new age downs, a new age that actually has nothing to do with the climate... 
So that's a goodbye kiss to everything that has ever been, and a waving hello to all that's about to be...

Sep 5, 2014

Sweater Weather

My way of saying "Hello, September!"...
September comes to force us say goodbye to summer, to the heat, to the waves, to the carefree days. The sun isn't so warm anymore, the wind gets colder and the days become shorter. However, no one should let oneself get sad about that - this is simply the circle of life, right? 
And... who said that bright colours are only a summer thing? In the rainy grey days of the coming autumn they will cheer you up, making a great medicine against bad temper.

Sep 4, 2014