Oct 30, 2014

Black is always on trend

Oh, I cannot exactly remember when was the last time I wore so much black all at once. Normally I would prefer more colourful clothing combinations. However, we all know that black is always trendy, always fits well, always looks classy, and it's never a bad idea.

Oct 23, 2014

Blue & Yellow

 Out of a sudden it starts raining, cold wind starts blowing and you simply can't help feeling that winter is just about to come. Your mood is slowly turning down - you know, sometimes it can be extremely difficult to be in a good mood on a cold cloudy day when everything seems grey and monotonous.
However, I refuse to be unhappy this winter. Wearing bright colours in moments when everybody sticks to the basics of black and grey is a way of showing my determination to succeed in that.

Oct 11, 2014


 Autumn has arived in town with its cool weather and grey clouds. The bright colours of summer clothing are  no longer there - they are getting replaced by darker tones which fit much better the atmosphere.