Nov 22, 2014

Nov 18, 2014

Fur & Leather

 A change is always a positive thing - a change in the wardrobe, a change in mind, a change in your whole life. What we all need to do is clear our minds, keep our heads up and priorities straight, we should focus on what's important and what can help us improve ourselves, so that one day we can look at our reflection in the mirror be proud of ourselves.
Dressing well and buying something new in addition helps our self-esteem. We need to feel us great in our skin and clothes, as this is one important prerequisite for success.

Nov 15, 2014

Colourful, Winterish

  In the era of mass media there are so many sources of inspiration that everybody can easily access. The important thing, however, is to use this inspiration wisely - no one should let oneself simply copy. We all need to let the light refract through our own prisms - everything we see, we read, we hear, everything that has a certain impact on our lives and point of view must work in perfect synchronicity with our personality, with our tastes for music, books, movies, art, fashion.
In this case - my taste for fashion and my way of combining clothing and colours doesn't necessarily have to be influenced by all the latest trends, much more important is to show the way I see things and how I want them to be - with colours, with light, a little bit extraordinary, because, well, being ordinary is boring. 
Wearing colours on a grey winter day gives positive vibes not only to myself, but I believe, to everyone around me as well.

Nov 5, 2014

Support Movember

 I'm sure you all know this feeling of pure pleasure when you find something forgotten long ago in your closet - a piece of clothing, an accessory - a pair of jeans, a bag, a scarf, a hat, whatever it might be that you once loved and god knows how you have completely forgotten about it. Well, this is how I came across my beret - simple, black, yet so stylish, keeping a little bit of French fashion inspiration in itself.
So... voilĂ .  
My new blog post is dedicated to the French eternal simple fashion trends and, of course, as you surely have already noticed - to the present Movember trends - cause.. well, men with beards and moustaches can be extremely hot.