Nov 18, 2014

Fur & Leather

 A change is always a positive thing - a change in the wardrobe, a change in mind, a change in your whole life. What we all need to do is clear our minds, keep our heads up and priorities straight, we should focus on what's important and what can help us improve ourselves, so that one day we can look at our reflection in the mirror be proud of ourselves.
Dressing well and buying something new in addition helps our self-esteem. We need to feel us great in our skin and clothes, as this is one important prerequisite for success.

What I wear today:
  Furry Vest - Bershka
Leather Jacket -Tally Weijl
Leggings - Pimkie
  Polka Dot Ankle Boots
Bowling Bag - MANGO
Rounded Sunglasses

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