Dec 30, 2014

Last Weekend of 2014

Does anyone else have the feeling that this year has passed by somehow too quickly or is it just me? When I think back, so many memories go through my head - as if I'm watching a fast-motion movie about my life.  So many things have happened - for myself, it's been a year of great changes, taking up new responsibilities, a clash with independence, successfully combined with finding some new friends, a lot of new acquaintances; a few emotional ups and downs that teach you what the important things in life are, who can you open up to and who you should better stay quiet with.
There's only one thing that remained the same with me - my passion for fashion, my satisfaction of coming up with an interesting simple outfit, the smile that comes on my face when I see that I have inspired someone. That's probably one of the reasons why I eventually decided to start this blog this year - I just hope there are people who find something for themselves here.
So how was your year? :)

Dec 12, 2014

Christmas Awaiting

We're already in the middle of December, Christmas is coming. Although it's incredibly cold outside, the cities are fullfilled with a happy warm atmosphere. Christmas lights, decoration, beautiful Christmas trees. And even though you're busy and tired from everything happening around, because you still need to work, study, cope with deadlines etc., it's simly enough to look up at the beauty that's surrounding you to feel a little bit of joy, to warm your soul up and gives you a certain feeling of relief - there are only 12 days left to the holidays!
My new post concentrates on our busy everyday with a casual (kinda sporty) sweatshirt dress, but combined with a red plaid shirt that gives hope for the upcoming happy days.
Stick it out just a little longer, drink another coffee, make your last effort - everything's gonna pay off and I promise you'll have time to rest soon!

Dec 10, 2014

Simply Comfy

This week started with a comfy warm outfit - simple, easy, perfectly fitting our busy schedules and the lack of time. There are only two weeks left to the winter holidays, but somehow you don't know how you will get through? This is my little advice: take it easy, dress simply, feel comfortable in your clothes and you will be able to cope with your work effectively in less time.

Dec 2, 2014

Cosy in Colours

It's December already and I simply cannot explain how is time passing so fast by. The weather is cold and windy, the sky is gray and somehow everything seems so monotonous. Something must be done in order to dispel the monotony. A colourful cosy outfit is a great start of a new week and a new month.

So, happy December... and wear colours!