Apr 4, 2015

Places to go

Finally out downtown on a warm sunny day. Do you feel the happiness that spring brings? Somehow it makes you put all the troubles behind for a moment and smile at life, take a moment to dream a little more and enjoy yourself. The American Apparel's denim clutch presents only a short list of those dreams I had yesterday - some of the places I am longing to visit one day, and some I am planing to visit for a second time very soon. Please wait for me!

So, yeah. That's how this week's long weekend started for me - positive attitude towards life, a little bit of dreamy mood and a casual compfy outfit. And how is your weekend going? :)
Wish you happy holidays!



What I wear today:  
  T-Shirt "Me? Sarcastic? Never. - Bershka
Skirt - Stradivarius
   Trench coat - Stradivarius
  Denim Clutch - American Apparel
Snake Print Sneakers - H&M
Necklace - Bershka
Sunglasses - I am Accessories 
Plaid Scarf

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