Jun 6, 2015

31 °C

This weekend started with a colourful cozy summerish outfit, perfect for this hot weather outside.
My trick for always looking different, even if I am wearing exactly the same piece of clothing I had on a week or two ago - I simply avoid combining it with the same accessories, same bags, same shoes. By constructing your outfit as a skillful combination of many little pieces put together differently everytime, you will find yourself with much more outfit solutions. You will leave the impression of a varied and interesting wardrobe and an anything but boring taste for fashion.

What I wear today:
Jumpsuit - Stradivarius
  Retro Denim Vest 
Handbag - MANGO
Green Platform Sandals - Nickels Bulgaria
Necklace - Stradivarius
Bracelet - SIX Accessories
Sunglasses - I Am Accessories
 Rings - H&M/Primark/Indian
Pineapple iPhone Case - H&M

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