Jun 2, 2015


 I've always had this passion for rooftops in big cities. There is nothing that can be compared to the feeling that such places offer - some kind of freedom, some king of delight. You are at the same time at the right same place, in the right same city, but there is something that is separating you for a moment from all those other people going simply casually on with their ordinary busy lives down there. It feels like you finally have managed to escape from that daily routine of your own ordinary life and you are enjoying it with every single sense of your creature.
 So whenever you have the chance just do it - escape for just a little while, for a few minutes, for an hour or two, somewhere high above, fill yourself up with new positive energy and after that - back to work! :)

What I wear today:
Little Black Dress - Bershka
  Beige Trench Coat - Stradivarius
Snake-Print Sneakers - H&M
  Fringed Mini Bag - H&M
  Turquoise Lens Sunglasses - I am Accessories
Nude-Gamma Scarf
 Rings - H&M/Primark

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